Membership in the Society of Gas Operators


An individual who may be eligible for membership should obtain the recommendation of two SOGO members, both not from the same company. Any class of SOGO membership is eligible to sponsor.

A prospective member is expected to have attended at least seven SOGO meetings prior to submittal of a recommendation. Upon becoming a member, routine meeting attendance is encouraged in order to enhance the value of the Society for all members.

A “Recommendation for Membership in the Society of Gas Operators” form must be completed, and submitted to the SOGO Secretary. The form may be accessed via the link below.

4)   Prior to being discussed by the Executive Committee, recommendation forms must meet the following requirements:

Membership Recommendation Form:

Sponsor and co-sponsor must be indicated, and signed.
The form should include the signature of candidate’s supervisor, or other responsible person, signifying approval   to participate in SOGO.
Forms should be received by the Secretary at least one week before the scheduled SOGO meeting to allow distribution of the recommendations to the Executive Committee prior to the meeting.
Upon being approved by the Executive Committee and subsequently by the general Membership, a candidate will not be inducted and eligible for membership privileges until fees and dues are received, as well as a digital passport type photo for use in the SOGO yearbook.
To download a SOGO Recommendation for Membership form, or Life Membership Application, see the links below:

Membership Recommendation Form:

Life Membership Application Form:

If you have questions regarding membership, please contact the SOGO Secretary via email link, or telephone: (718) 839-1759

Membership in the Society may be considered from gas transmission and distribution company employees, as well as vendor company employees, who are active in the gas industry and are leaders in the advance-ment of the quality and reliability of service provided to customers. Each distribution utility is allowed one (1) member per 100,000 meters, up to a maximum of 7 members per company. Gas transmission companies and vendors are allowed one member per company.

The total number of SOGO members is limited to 100, including a vendor limit of 30. A membership waiting list may be invoked when membership quotas are achieved. A company or vendor may request in writing from the Executive Committee permission to submit a membership recommendation in excess of the membership allotment outlined above, and the Executive Committee may grant that request on a case-by-case basis. The Executive Committee may also adjust the membership guidelines above, including the vendor and utility member limits, as it deems appropriate.

Meeting Fees:  Life Member: $100  -  Regular Member: $175  -  Guest: $200