The Society of Gas Operators is an Industry group focusing on the sharing of information and topics relevant to Gas Operations. Membership is predominantly from gas companies and suppliers in the North East United States.

2022-23 Schedule

Meeting Dates

March 16, 2023

3/16/2023 Thursday

4/20/2023 Thursday

5/18/2023 Thursday

Con Ed Program to Comply with
New York State's PSC GHG Emission Order

William Slade, EH&S Project Specialist,
Consolidated Edison Company

The Joint Utilities in New York were ordered by the New York State Public Service Commission in May 2022 to develop a methodology for determining the greenhouse gas emissions of their gas systems. The Commission directed that the scope of the inventory was to range from the wellhead to the customer meter. The utilities worked with the agencies to develop a methodology that could reflect the increasing use of certified gas as well as reflect utility efforts to reduce and to avoid distribution system emissions. This presentation will describe the process that led to the final product, as well as the role that emerging leak detection technologies may play in the future.